Working With Patterned Carpet: A Designer’s Perspective

Pattern is an important consideration when choosing a carpet and there are many reasons to give it special attention. Practically speaking, it can hide a multitude of spills, spots and wear. Even a subtle pattern, created by varying textures for example, will help to conceal blemishes. Pattern adds detail to a room, whether it's geometric, floral or a simple check. It also brings character and complexity to the overall design.

Some patterns complement certain furniture styles. Geometric patterns, for example, are often used in the Art Deco style A formal, traditional room will have carpeting with a classic, decorative pattern. Such timeless designs are often similar to those found in antique Oriental and European rugs. In a room with modern furniture, carpeting will suit the look when it has clean lines and simplicity as found in Silk Pattern Collection by Mohawk.



Designing with pattern requires some thought. It would be difficult to make a space work when the carpet, walls and fabric in a room all have different wild designs competing with each other. It's much better when patterns work with each other. If there's a primary fabric in a room that has a big bold print, then consider a simple pattern, such as a check or diamond, for the carpeting. Scale must be considered as well—if a carpet has a large-scale pattern, then other patterns in the room should probably be smaller. Along the same vein, if the carpeting has a floral design, it's a good idea to steer away from competing floral patterns in the room and consider small prints, stripes and solids for furniture and window treatments.

And what are the colors and patterns of carpeting (and fabric, too) that are favorites these days? You'll notice new styles with beautiful shades of grey, silver and lavender as well as black, gold and rich smoky blues. Geometric patterns are popular, as are florals that are soft, pretty and lightweight in scale. Now, it's more vital than ever to make green choices, and environmentally-friendly options are increasingly available.